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Southwest DC Unveils Home Spun: A Vibrant Sculpture Celebrating Community Heritage

SWBID proudly unveiled its first sculpture at the circle on Delaware Ave SW, adjacent to Culture House. Crafted by Martha Spak and partner Jennifer Geiger, titled Home Spun, this abstract, vibrant fiberglass sculpture symbolizes Southwest DC’s rich heritage and promising future.

During the unveiling ceremony, Martha Spak stated, “I present to you Home Spun, my sculpture inspired by the Southwest community. This abstract circular form, adorned with iridescent blues, pinks, and greens, embodies the vibrant tapestry of our community. Each color represents the diversity and unity within us, weaving together stories of resilience and creativity. Home Spun celebrates our shared heritage and bonds, reminding us that we are all threads in the same intricate tapestry. I hope it will inspire us to embrace our differences and continue weaving our community with love and understanding.”

The sculpture frames the surrounding architecture through its curving forms, providing ever-changing viewpoints. Anchored on a stable base adorned with community-inspired words, Home Spun stands as a testament to the collaboration made possible by the neighborhood. Members of the Southwest community contributed the words adorning the base, and a panel of community members served on the selection committee, helping determine the winner from submitted applications. We extend our sincere gratitude to Lowe for their support in bringing this sculpture to life.