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Steve Moore Executive Director
Andre Witt Chief Operating Officer
Lexie Albe Managing Director
Zack Baldwin Associate Director Mobility, Data & Research
Sooin Choi Manager of Special Projects
Jessie Himmelrich Public Space Director
Pamela Wolf Director of Marketing and Communications
Danny Jones Operations Manager
Kevin Baten Landscape Manager
Delante Chloe Special Ops Lead
Idania Arteaga Operations Administrator
Gregory Williams Team Leader
Vicke Owens Community Engagement Ambassador
Santos Aguirre Environmental Ambassador
IRVIN ARCHILA Environmental Ambassador
LATARSHA BOOKER Environmental Ambassador
Michael Dawkins Environmental Ambassador
Mirna Monterroso Deleon Environmental Ambassador
Anthony Franklin Environmental Ambassador
Ana Granados Environmental Ambassador
Pamela Hatton Environmental Ambassador
SEDRICK HENLY Environmental Ambassador
SHONDRA HENLY Environmental Ambassador
Furman Horn Environmental Ambassador
Jerome Horne Environmental Ambassador
Jerome “Oatmeal” McCrae Environmental Ambassador
Lorena Molina Environmental Ambassador
Haji Mtambo Environmental Ambassador
Charlene Porter Environmental Ambassador
Charleen Smith Environmental Ambassador
Anthony Taylor Environmental Ambassador

From helping connect neighbors with much-
needed services and resources to checking in on
elderly neighbors or helping direct lost tourists,
our ambassadors reflect the pride and purpose
that makes Southwest flourish.

Our Ambassadors are the
lifeblood of SWBID.

They’re changemakers and placemakers — the stewards of the neighborhood, helping create a safer, healthier, ever-more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable community for all. This hands-on approach for neighborhood improvement or placemaking does more than inspire people to collectively re-imagine and reinvent public spaces, it’s also proven essential to economic development strategies, neighborhood revitalization and building a sense of community identity. Our Ambassadors work to ensure the safety, vitality, and wellbeing of nearly every public space in SWBID’s 500 acres. From cleaning and maintaining sidewalks, streets, underpasses, and planters to bike rack installation, power washing, streetlight painting, tree trimming, snow removal, trash removal, and masonry repair.



ANDREW SON, Vice Chair, District Wharf Properties

JACQUIE HOLDER, Secretary, Holiday Inn Capitol

EDGAR DOBIE, Treasurer, Arena Stage

TAMARA CHRISTIAN, International Spy Museum

TOM CICOTELLO, Boyd Watterson

AUSTIN FLAJSER, Carr Companies



TIM INCHECK, Boston Properties

DANIEL JONES, Smile Beautiful Dental

RANDY MARCUS, CSX Transportation

MARK RIVERS, Lowe Property Group

LESLIE SMITH, MetLife Investment Management

LUIS SHEDRICK, GSA – National Capital Region