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Press Release: Southwest BID partners with DC Central Kitchen to distribute 750 meals and 450 produce bags every week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Southwest BID partners with DC Central Kitchen to distribute 750 meals and 450 produce bags every week

WHAT: In response to limited resources in the time of Covid-19 as well as persistent food insecurity, the Southwest Business Improvement District is partnering with DC Central Kitchen to feed our community. Southwest residents can expect nutritious prepared lunches to be distributed by SWBID and our community partners every weekday.

“We sought the advice and experience of DCCK to work with us to establish a more sustainable food delivery system here in Southwest,” says SWBID CEO Steve Moore. “Their experience is crucial to what is needed at this time to get meals and groceries to people who are hungry. They are a critical resource in this work and we are very anxious to get started.”

This collaborative effort began last month as our teams scouted locations for meal pickups, spoke to community partners, and quantified the needs of our neighbors. At the present, SWBID is distributing 150 prepared lunches every weekday, and distributing 450 produce bags every Monday. This is in addition to 300 daily meals from DCPS that SWBID has been distributing since the start of the pandemic. This distribution effort is made possible by a collection of neighborhood volunteers and partners, including GOODProjects. 

“This feeding program is going to change the lives of families, not just in the short term during COVID, but for years to come,” says GOODProjects CEO Darius Baxter. “Access to healthy foods doesn’t just change health outcomes, but also how people feel about themselves. When people feel GOOD, they can do GOOD. This program is revolutionary work and we’re excited to be of service alongside DC Central Kitchen and Southwest BID.”

 “DC Central Kitchen is pleased to do our part for our neighbors here in Southwest DC” says DC Central Kitchen CEO Mike Curtin Jr. “We appreciate the efforts of SWBID staff and volunteers to serve our healthy meals and fresh groceries with care, intentionality, and respect. DCCK is committed to addressing both today’s need for nutritious food and tomorrow’s demand for job training and meaningful careers as the recovery takes root.”

With this partnership, SWBID and DCCK aim to not only address a short term need, but to also address food insecurity in Southwest as a long-term project. “We are facing a food shortage crisis in our community that is growing faster than the existing resources can manage,” says Moore. But with the combined knowledge of both groups, things are looking up. “DC Central Kitchen is experienced and organized at this work which shortens our learning curve and quickly delivers meals to people who are hungry. And GOODPRojects have been an amazing neighborhood partner. We are very lucky to be working with them.”

WHEN: Weekdays from 10am to 2pm

WHERE: Daily Meal Pickups:James Creek Residents Council:100 N St SW (Alley)Greenleaf Gardens: 200 block of N St SW

Monday Produce Bag Pickups: Greenleaf Gardens, James Creek Residents Council, Syphax Gardens, Riverpark, Channel Square, Telecourt, and GOODProjects Learning Hub.

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