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A Successful Southwest Halloween

Our neighbors showed up at Lansburgh Park, ready to celebrate Halloween festivities. Before the fun fully began, SWBID Ambassador Peron came representing the Southwest Duckpond in a duck costume. As the official greeter, the neighborhood thoroughly enjoyed his costume.

Families, dogs, and kids came out with the best costume ideas, including Cruella and her Dalmatians, Batman and Robin, Scoobie with Velma and Daphne, and so many more creative and adorable outfits. All participants and their pups walked in a parade loop to show off their costumes. At the end of the parade, a small dance-off to Thriller was a highlight of the evening.

There were numerous activities for all to enjoy beyond giving out candy. SWBID’s area had a bubble machine kids danced in and Halloween duckies everyone was thrilled to squeak! There was also a very popular crafts table where kids decorated pumpkins on paper. Ms. Donna came wearing a mardi gras hat representing SWNA while passing out tangerines. SW Gardens got interactive and allowed kids to create small autumn-themed bouquets. Friends of the Library had an assortment of toys on display and candy for kids to choose from. One of the biggest attractions came from Kadampa DC, which had a pumpkin ring toss game. In the true spirit of the waterfront, SW Mutual Aid set up a “fishing pond” for kids to reel in treats. SW DC Action and Amidon-Bowen Elementary School PTA also came out in full spirits with more activites for kids.

It was clear after a dim Halloween last year, the neighborhood was ready to come out and celebrate with us. One neighbor in Día de Muertos makeup with his dog Bella, adorned in Day of the Dead flowers and lace, mentioned that he and his family were excited to celebrate Halloween again and see the community come out. He has a three-year-old whose first real Halloween experience was this year.

After all the treats were gone, and families made their way to a haunted house, Lansburg Park was a massive success for this year’s Halloween in creating a safe and family-friendly night out for the community.